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Mr. Ian McSherry, B.Sc. (Honours), TEFL Cert.

Mr. Ian McSherry, B.Sc. (Honours), TEFL Cert. (English)
Mr. Ian McSherry, B.Sc. (Honours), TEFL Cert. (English)

Mr. McSherry is an Irish teacher, specializing in English and Physical Education. Despite his tender years, he has a wealth of teaching experience, having spent a couple of years teaching in Dubai and his homeland.

Mr. McSherry has a Bachelor of Science in Physical Education and English from the prestigious University of Limerick, from which he graduated in 2016. He holds numerous additional qualifications within his domain; such as his TEFL certificate (Teaching English as a Foreign Language), coaching certificates in soccer, GAA, cricket, rugby and aquatics, and a first-aid training certificate.

Mr. McSherry has many hobbies that keep him active. He plays a variety of sports including soccer, GAA, rugby and golf, while he also enjoys relaxing at home with a good book or T.V show. He travels a lot, listing numerous counties such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Zanzibar on his checklist as well as many European countries.

Mr. McSherry will always help students achieve their goals and is as determined to see them succeed in life as he is to see them succeed in the classroom. He will provide an important link between student and parent, always being there to discuss progress being made.